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Nestled in the heart of Sydney's Hawkesbury region Lamondale Farm enjoys an idyllic location for breeding and rearing our exciting young performance horses.
The farm is managed by Veronica Hazleton ,and her team, with passion, knowledge and commitment.
Veronica has been involved in the breeding of horses, most notably Statford Performance Horses, for a " lifetime". She has worked extensively overseas to enhance her knowledge of
breeding practices from around the world.
Much consideration is given to the nutritional requirements of both mares and foals to ensure the correct growth and development of our young stock.
While all the youngsters are appropriately handled, they are allowed to develop naturally within their own social groups.
We believe this is fundamental to the development of a trainable horse for the future.


Once broken in, the young horses are then relocated to our training facility at Duffys Forest to continue their education.

It is with the same passion and commitment that they are then lovingly and carefully produced. not to mention becoming very much a part of the family!
Our philosophy in training is SLOW and CAREFUL, the overall well-being of the horses being the priority.

We aim to have confident, sound , and easy to manage horses that not only will be competing for many years to come, but will be suitable for the professional and amateur competitor alike.

We all know that "prevention is better than cure" so to that end we devote our time and resources into the physical and emotional well-being of all the horses from the very start of their career under saddle.

The responsibility of training and campaigning the young horses is left in the very capable hands of our daughter , Lauren , and her long-time coach and mentor, Jenny Bennett.

Lauren's credentials speak of a talented and competitive young rider who has continued to produce competitive horses throughout her relatively short career.
While her main focus is eventing , having been named on the National A Squad in 2009, she also has an interest in both pure dressage and show jumping.
Jenny is not only a talented rider and coach, but a gifted and insightful trainer of young horses. She continues to share her wealth of knowledge with Lauren, making them a very special and successful team.

We take an holistic approach, where even the ' dressage' horses have the opportunity to do some jumping and cross country schooling in their training, with the aim of producing a "well-rounded" individual. Opportunities are provided for the young horses to have regular outings to local competitions providing 'low-key' experiences to promote confidence, prior to them attending the more chaotic environments of larger EFA events.

With Lauren and Jenny in the saddle, the result is rideable and confident young horses that are happy in their work and will continue to develop their talents....... and hopefully reach their full potential in the competition arena.